2017 Hilltop  reservoir.jpg
Kuranda Suburban Water Security Upgrade 

fgf was awarded the design and construction of the Warril Drive booster pump station, Platypus Close 500kL reservoir and Hilltop Close 500kL reservoir. 

Caravonica Flood Mitigation.jpg
Caravonica Flood Mitigation Works

fgf was awarded the Flood Mitigation Works at the Caravonica State School in order to provide a safer and more reliable education facility within a flood prone area.

FRND211 Victory Ck.jpg
FRND211 Victory Creek Wide Centreline Treatment

This project involved the widening of the Bruce Highway to allow for a metre wide centreline including extensions to existing drainage structures to meet this requirement.

Skyrail Carpark Extension and Other Various Works

fgf completed carpark extension works for the Skyrail Rainforest Cableway site in Caravonica. Following this, fgf was awarded various other small contracts on the site. 

FRND 211 Sikh Temple.JPG
FRND211 Sikh Temple Road Intersection Upgrade

This project comprised the widening of the Highway and construction of a dedicated turning lane into Sikh Temple Road. An upgrade to street lighting was also included in the project.

Gray & Brown Rd.jpg
D&C Gray and Brown Road Water Mains

fgf was awarded this project which involved the design and construction of reticulation water mains in Gray and Brown Road, Green Hill to replace the existing aged AC network.