2013 Babinda WM.JPG
Construction of Babinda Water Main

fgf constructed additional trunk water infrastructure for the Babinda Reservoir including trenched and trenchless construction methods. 

2013 Bagasse.jpg
Design and Construct Tableland Mill Bagasse Pit and Ramp

fgf carried out a design and construct project for the Bagasse Inload Pit and Ramp and Outload Facility for Bundaberg Walker at the Tableland Sugar Mill. 

2013 Brinsmead WM.jpg
Construction of Brinsmead Reservoir Dedicated Inlet Main

Construction of approx. 650m of a new dedicated inlet main for the Brinsmead Reservoir including a directional drilled section under the Brinsmead Kamerunga Road.

2013 Northern Recycled PS.jpg
Northern Recycled Water Pump Station

fgf delivered a recycled water pump station including platform, access and associated distribution mains at the Northern Wastewater Treatment Plant. 

Malanda Area Water Supply Scheme (MAWSS)

fgf constructed a 3.6km raw water transfer main for Malanda which linked 4 bores to provide a consistent supply of clean water for the township.