FGF Bitumen

Servicing a region that stretches from North of Townsville, west to Normanton and to the tip of Cape York, fgf Bitumen meets the challenge of a vast and varied environmentally fragile region.

With a comprehensive fleet of late-model plant and equipment supported by a fully equipped workshop/depot, fgf Bitumen has committed itself to drive the requirement for continual up to date training to its personnel as provided through the Cert 2. and Cert 3. Bitumen apprenticeship scheme in conjunction with industry specific modules through the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association (AAPA).

With a vast percentage of remote works constructed throughout the cape, the need to understand & proactively engage with local indigenous communities is just as important to fgf Bitumen as getting the job done. Our equal employment policy has provided opportunities to local FNQ indigenous communities with many employees currently with fgf Bitumen of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Island heritage.

In addition to the external clients, bitumen services are often provided as part of larger Civil Construction projects, avoiding reliance on external contractors for delivery of essential bitumen and asphalt services.